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Maintaining the tax files of both small and medium-size business firm is one such complicated tasks which always takes much time. And, if you miss out any data mistakenly, it lands you up in a troublesome situation as it affects the whole work. Joining your hands with the best accounting solution software is always a good deal as it doesn’t need any rechecking or any human to maintain the sheet. So, Turbotax is one such accounting software which offers you multiple solutions for all kinds of account related work. We can manage all our tasks associated with the filing of the taxes and returns.

There are some features in the TurboTax which lets the user download it and install it on their computer. Other features of TurboTax includes accuracy, automatic updating the tax laws, automatic importing of your W-2 information, automatically reviews every minor and major detail, simple tracking of your tax refund, and a lot more options for audit too. We have listed out a complete guide that lets you download and install it on their computer.

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Steps to Download and Install TurboTax on Your Computer

Before downloading the TurboTax on your computer, do note a few points which are most important to remember and check before downloading it on the computer.

  • Before downloading it, make sure that you have quit all the running applications.
  • Turn off the firewall and the antivirus installed on your device as they may interrupt downloading or installation.
  • Now, visit TurboTax website.
  • Download the TurboTax software by logging in to your account. Create one, if you don’t have an account.
  • By double-clicking the downloaded file, launch the installer.
  • Wait until the installation gets finishes.
  • You can now ready to use the software

One can even purchase TurboTax from an authorized retail store. The downloading and installation steps for the offline purchase it different from the online shopping. For your quick help, we have listed the steps that will guide you to download it step by step.

  1. Insert the CD into your computer's CD/DVD drive and proceed for the installation.
  2. If it doesn't, follow steps from 3rd onwards.
  3. Press the Windows + R key together and open the Run window.
  4. Hit Browse the browse button and then move to the TurboTax CD on your CD/DVD drive.
  5. Double-click on the installation file (setup.exe) to initiate the installation.
  6. Hit Ok to launch the installer.
  7. Wait until the installation finishes.
  8. It's good to go!

TurboTax is completely equipped with some of the user-friendly features which let you perform multiple tasks from one single softwares. No matter if you are tech savvy or a non tech-savvy user as the Turbo Tax user-friendly softwares lets everyone enjoy the maximum benefits out of it. As though it is a software, there are a few issues linked to the software which can be fixed instantly only when you the ways to fix it. However, users never have such deep knowledge of the solutions, and they often require assistance from best of experts of Turbotax Customer Support for the resolution.

List of Common Errors and Issues found while using Turbo Tax.

  • Unable to file taxes
  • Forgotten the password and unable to recover it
  • Failure to access the data
  • Unable to fix error codes
  • TurboTax tax e-filing error
  • TurboTax error while e-filing your return
  • TurboTax IRS rejection from the state tax agency or IRS error
  • Unable to access certain features of TurboTax
  • Installation/setup issues
  • TurboTax login error
  • Data recovery problems
  • Turbotax Refund issues
  • TurboTax online charging for e-filing errors
  • TurboTax quarterly voucher payments errors
  • TurboTax income tax related issues
  • TurboTax tax refund related errors
  • TurboTax quarterly voucher payment errors
  • TurboTax underpayment penalty errors
  • Issues with TurboTax Optimize Pension Splitting
  • TurboTax downloading errors
  • TurboTax installation errors
  • TurboTax un-installation or reinstallation errors
  • TurboTax 529 distribution errors

Get Assistance from the TurboTax Customer Support

TurboTax understands this fact that a user may face the error and issue at any time. Thus, it provides you round-the-clock customer support services for any help and services. No matter if you are unable to access any of the TurboTax features, you need to dial the dial TurboTax toll-free number. Your issue will be resolved within a few minutes as the any of the experts will get in touch in touch with you instantly.