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Comcast, an internationally known media company, is headquartered at Philadelphia, USA. This multinational company is, according to the revenue generated, the world’s largest cable broadcasting and Television Company. In 1996, Comcast began to provide Internet access. At present, there are more than 22 million users who have subscribed to the Comcast internet services. Since all the Comcast services like broadband internet, email service, cable television, etc, fall under the Xfinity brand, the email services of Comcast are not available to all. People who have subscribed to Xfinity can access the Comcast email account. A user can add up to six email addresses to one Comcast account. Apart from being a leading email services company, Comcast email provides excellent support to its customers. If you want to know about Comcast email, or if you want suggestions, or else if you are looking for someone to help you with an issue regarding Comcast email, call on the support phone number and the Comcast email customer service will happily assist you.

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Advanced Features of Comcast Email

Comcast email helps you to personalize your email account with the help of advanced features.

  • Change of Display name- You can add your nickname or your title by editing and changing the display name.
  • Adding an email signature- You can create and add an email signature which will appear at the end of your emails. You can add your name, phone number, designation, etc.
  • Setting up Auto-Reply to Email feature- IF you are going on a trip or vacation where you won’t be accessing your email, you can set up an auto-reply message.
  • Add external email accounts- Nowadays, we all use different email accounts. Comcast allows you to add external email accounts from third party service like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • Universal address book- You can add contacts to the universal address book. You can safely store all the names and email Ids of anyone you interact with via email.
  • Group contact list- If you have a group contact list, you can send the same email to all the members of the group at once. It is convenient for working professionals and managers who can send out the same email to the staff without the hassle of entering each one’s email address individually.
  • Personal Folders- You can now create personalized folders where you can move your emails. It becomes easier to segregate the work emails from personal emails.
  • Alter the Comcast connect view- This advance feature of Comcast allows you to change the email reading panes. You can put the pane at the bottom, on the right, or you can turn it off.

Features and benefits of Comcast Email Customer Support:

  • Highly skilled and trained professionals
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Support toll-free number
  • Instant and simple solutions
  • 100% resolution of errors
  • Remote technical assistance option
  • Proper guidance by certified technicians
  • Reliable solutions by tech experts

Comcast Email Support

Common Email problems and how to fix them:

  • Problem faced while creating a new account or during sign up- New and existing users may face problems while trying to create new Comcast email account or they may be unable to sign up. If something like this happens, it is wise to call the Comcast technical support team.
  • Problems faced while trying to login in to the Comcast email account- Sometimes a Comcast email user may face a problem while trying to login into the email account. If you get a “login failed” error then you should try entering your user ID and password again since most of the time it happens due to typos.
  • Not being able to send email attachments- The Comcast email program allows users to add files and send them via email. However, sometimes the email may not allow the user to upload the attachment. IF it happens, try to compress the file as in most cases the attachment exceeds the file size limit.
  • Inability to change or reset email account password- It is hard to keep a track of all the passwords; also, changing the password frequently is good for security purposes. If you have a problem in changing or resetting the password, call on the Comcast support number and consult the professional technical team for this purpose.
  • Spam mails making a mess in your email account- Spam or junk mails have the tendency to flood your inbox in large numbers. They are not only a nuisance but they are also a security risk. If you are receiving excessive spam and you are tired of marking each one of them individually, then take help of the Comcast support service team.

24/7 Comcast Email Customer Service

The Comcast customer service is available round the clock for all the technical issues that a user may encounter. The customer service can be availed by contacting the Comcast support experts. Whenever you face any issue regarding Comcast email, dial the support toll-free number and let the experts help you out. The Comcast support centre consists of a team of professionals who are not only skilled but also experienced in handling technical issues. Assistance can be availed round the clock. The technician will listen to your problem and will give you a step by step guide on how to fix it. Alternatively, the technician may fix your issue through a safe online remote connection.