How to Download Windows Live Essentials for Windows 10?

Sometimes,while using movie maker and the Windows photo gallery mistakenly the Windows Live Essentials gets deleted from your computer system during formatting. And now, you no longer have support on your system. Because of that, you can face different issues while doing any task.

Download Windows Live Essentials for Windows 10

But no need to worry about it since you can easily download. You can get a copy of the Windows Essential Suite. However, it is not an actual suite, but it will perform just like the original on your computer system. Some of the software is not in working on your current of Windows 10. But still, some of the main programs perform the same way as before such as- Windows Movie Maker. Windows Photo Viewer.

Steps to download Live Essentials on Windows 10:-

  • You can download it from the archived web page for your Windows 10.
  • To install the suite and it’s application, you do not need an internet connection.
  • To download and use archived Windows Live Essentials suite 2012, you will need for windows seven at-least on your computer system.
  • It is supporting for all of the previous versions of Windows suites including Windows 10.
  • You can get the archived file as a torrent file of 130 MB.
  • Its downloading and installing process is very simple and straightforward.

We hope that you will not face any difficulty to get the Windows Essentials live on your Windows 10.

As we have already discussed earlier, it is an archived file and not to support all of the programs, so in the case, you can select the one more option that is given below.

Select the software as per the requirement

In another case, it can also be possible that you want to get the Windows Movie Maker and photo gallery as per your need on your computer system. Although, Mail can provide you with limited support and Messenger has no more functions, so there is no use to install them in your computer system.

In short, if you are interested in downloading Movie Maker on your computer then this post will help you get it. You can get it from the given link.

So now you can enjoy your amazing functions again on your computer system by downloading Windows Essential Live.

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