In July, Google Launches New Gmail For Everyone

Recently, Google has launched an “Early Adopter Programme (EAP)” for the newly designed Gmail with enhanced features like nudging and Gmail offline.

The G Suite team wrote in a blog post on 4  June that ” to prepare you and your organization for the general availability (GA) launch; the new Gmail is on customers, and EAP, who can choose to participate at the organizational and domain unit levels.”

Google Launches New Gmail

The Verge reported that technically the announcements would only apply to the G Suite users that are, users who have Gmail paid accounts through their organization or company. But Google refused to comment on whether the changes will be same for the regular Gmail users.

Google Wrote on a blog post ” the GA announcement in July that after Eight weeks if any of the users who have not yet been a switch to the new Gmail will automatically be migrated to the new experience or new Gmail. They will only have the option to choose out of the new Gmail for further four weeks.”

The web giant said, “the general availability (GA) after the Twelve weeks will rollout, then Google will automatically remove the opt-out option from the Gmail account. On that time, ” if any users who want to opt or switching of the new Gmail will automatically be transferred to the new Gmail, with no option to opt out.”

The newly designed Gmail has perhaps most conspicuously featured, confidential mode, which allows you to set an expiration date on your Gmail account, so it will automatically disappear after a certain sum of time, then instead, the recipient receives the message an “email has expired.”

The redesigned interface allows you that drift over a message in your inbox to hastily archive, mark it as read, delete, or snooze it for a fixed amount of time. Artificial intelligence will be powered “nudging” feature which can help you in managing your email by suggesting you respond to a message that been appearing in your inbox for a few days. And Google also strengthened Gmail’s offline capabilities, letting you search, write, delete, respond, or archive the messages of without an active connection up to 90 days.

In September, every user of Gmail will be automatically switched over to the new Gmail design.

The option will be opt-out for another one month but by October, after another one month the option will permanently disappear, and the G mail accounts will require the new design.

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