How to Enable the Download Button by Customizing the Toolbar

Mozilla disabled the Download button by default in its Firefox version 57 and it appears in front only when you download a file in the current session. We all know that download button in web software gives direct access to the see the downloaded files, therefore for the option to appear only after downloading could be inconvenient while using Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla may have done that to save the area for other tools by designing download button to auto-hide by default. But, we can customize the Download button from the software’s settings menu to place it in our toolbar.

How to Enable the Download Button by Customizing the Toolbar

If you download something and want to check and manage the download list again, then follow these steps:

  1. Open the Menu from the right corner of the browser
  2. Go to Library in the menu
  3. Now, click Download
  4. It will open the list of all downloads
  5. To delete an item from download list, right click on it and select Remove From History

Note: It will not delete the files from your system, but it will remove from the download list of Firefox

  1. You can click Clear Downloads to clear the list
  2. At the bottom of download menu, clicking Show All Downloads will open the download tab where you can manage the list

Enabling the Download Button by customizing the toolbar

  1. Open Menu from the corner
  2. Go to Customize
  3. Click the Download button from the toolbar
  4. Uncheck Auto-hide option
  5. Click Done to complete the process

There is another workaround to enable the button on the toolbar

  1. In URL bar, type about:config
  2. Select I accept the risk
  3. Click download.autohideButton
  4. Move to its Value column and turn its value to false

Mozilla is finding a solution to make the Auto-hide panel visible to the users, till then you can follow the steps to customize the toolbar from settings of the browser and enable the download button to get quick access to its menu.

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