Chrome & Firefox Pull Remove Browser Extension

Recently, Firefox and Chrome have been revealed that they remove a browser extension permanently from their stores by following the disclosures it was phoning home with the user’s web-surfing histories.

Consequently, the stylish plug-ins will gain some popularity as it allows the users to configure sites appearance, rather than accepting the decisions of the designer’s.

Chrome & Firefox Pull Remove Browser Extension

However, only to stop the users if you have already heard it and the code has changed hands in the last year, and few new owners will also extend its data-slurping activities.

One of the Software engineer Robert Heaton has been decided that to take a look at what it was being sent to Stylish’s owners, analytics company SimilarWeb, and it was really horrifying.

As Heaton said in the blog post that HTTP requests to send a large blob of obfuscated data to a URL ending in /stats and it is not good news for users.

Though the privacy policy of SimilarWeb for the Stylish said that it would only collect the anonymous data, the Heaton was found that it was adding an identifier to the data returned to the company.

He also said that they looked closer at the decoded payload and also noted a unique tracking identifier. It will only take one tracking request which contains one session cookie to associate a user account permanently with a Stylish tracking identifier. It simply means that the Stylish and the SimilarWeb have all the data that they need to connect with a real-world identity directly to browsing history.

However, the Mozilla’s add-on some assessors which have decided Stylish, now as it stands, it is completely out of line and also made the extension which is unavailable to Firefox users, but sometimes it requires manual removal for present users.

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