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Bellsouth Corporation, headquartered at Atlanta in USA, is a huge telecom company. Founded in the year 1983, it merged with AT&T in 2006. In 2015, the corporation was named BellSouth. Bellsouth offers various telephone and internet services including DSL and Dial-up internet. Every day, with the help of Bellsouth, around 34 million users connect to the world of data and internet. Bellsouth email is extremely convenient to use and it can be easily accessed through the website. Due to these reasons, it is an excellent choice for users who do not wish to spend money on webmail services. Unfortunately, despite the competence of Bellsouth web mail, the users may face technical problems. The support team will help in resolving all problems including Bellsouth mail delivery issues.

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Bellsouth Email Support offers service for the following issues-

  • Inability to access mail account to see incoming mails
  • Inability to send outgoing mails
  • Issues in accessing Bellsouth mail account
  • POP server issues
  • IMAP server setting issues
  • Bellsouth email client configuration issues
  • Firewall issues
  • Outgoing SMTP server issue
  • Enabling outgoing mail authentication
  • Problem in setting up a new Bellsouth mail account
  • Troubleshooting Bellsouth email accounts
  • Inbox full of Spam mails
  • Outgoing mails being marked Spam
  • Trouble in attaching files
  • Missing emails from inbox or outbox
  • Email overload issue
  • Hidden filters
  • Blocking unwanted mails
  • Error in email scanning
  • Email service temporarily unavailable
  • Email similarity error

Notable features of Bellsouth Email

Although, presently there are a number of email services which can be availed for free, Bellsouth web mail service has additional merits. Apart from being completely free to use, Bellsouth web mail can also be accessed from anywhere. Therefore, you can check your mails and send messages from any corner of the world provided that you are connected to the internet. You do not need a desktop computer or a laptop to access your Bellsouth email; you can access it via mobile devices, iPads, etc. Here are some benefits of Bellsouth email service:

  • Perpetuity- Bellsouth email addresses are permanent. Even if you switch your Internet Service Provider, your Bellsouth email address will remain the same. This permanence is comforting because it saves the time and hassle required in sending mass emails to everyone in your address book regarding the change in email address. You do not need to worry about losing touch with business clients, friends, acquaintances and family members. No matter which country or state you move to, your email address will remain the same.
  • Personal Address Book- Bellsouth web mail comes with a personal address book wherein you can save all the email addresses of people. This saves a lot of time spent in trying to find the email addresses of people at multiple places.
  • Automated Reply Messages- If you are going on a vacation or a trip or if you are taking a break from the digital world, then the automated reply message feature will send a standard response to anyone who mails you during that time.
  • Easy to use- The user interface of Bellsouth webmail is very good. The Bellsouth email service is completely web based, thus eliminating the need to download and install specialized mail programs. If you wish to become a Bellsouth mail user then just go to their website and follow the simple sign up process to create your free Bellsouth mail account.
  • File Attachment Feature- Apart from documents, images, and recordings, the Bellsouth web mail program allows you to attach web pages and gifs to your email messages. The gifs and we pages will get automatically displayed on the screen when the recipient opens the mail. Therefore, the recipient will save the time spent in downloading the mail attachments.
  • Bellsouth Email Customer Support Phone Number- Bellsouth email support has first call resolution which means that you do not have to wait for your call to get through. You do not need to make consistent phone calls nor have your calls put on hold for long durations. Multiple phone lines are open throughout, ensuring that nobody has to wait. The support number is toll-free and apart from telephonic assistance, remote assistance is also provided by the support staff.

Bellsouth Email Customer Service

While using Bellsouth email service for any purpose, if you come across any error or an issue which you wish to get fixed, contact the Bellsouth customer support. The Bellsouth customer support toll-free number is open 24/7 and the support service can be availed at any time and on any day. Since the Bellsouth email support phone number is toll-free, you will not have to spend your hair earned money on support service. For example, you wish to check your mails but you are getting login error, in that case contact the Bellsouth email login support and the support service experts will rectify your issue.

Whenever you come across any issue then call on the Bellsouth Email customer support number and the experts will help you. The customer service is extremely reliable, free of cost, and first-rate.